Bird proofing a Church Case Study

Microbee were approached by a Sutton church who had a major problem with Pigeons roosting within the circular window.

The photo below shows where the pigeons left fouling marks; an unpleasant and offputting sight. The church owners first port of call was London-based Microbee Ltd, as we are specialists in a wide variety of bird control systems.

  • The next step was to prevent the birds from entering the property again. We fitted a bird-proof net to the entire circle using a specialist crane, and ensured the fixings didn’t damage the surrounding brick and would stay permanently fixed.
  • Our first job was to clean and sterilise the affected area. Besides the aesthetic benefit is task was very important as dried bird muck carries diseases and can cause serious illnesses. Our staff had to be very careful during this procedure to ensure all the offending material was carefully removed and bagged – we wore protective masks, safety goggles and bespoke boiler suits.
  • Finally we installed anti-perching wire to the ledges of the windows below this – the second photo shows the finished work.

Solutions to preventing pigeons from becoming a problem in your church:

At Microbee environmental we know the best results are achieved using a combination of humane, bird-friendly technologies and an eco-friendly attention to detail. These include:

• Bird spikes
• Netting
• Gutter spikes and posts
• Anti-perching wire
• Visual scares – ( see Agrilaser )
• Sonic & ultrasonic devices in specific cases

NOTE: Microbee doesn’t use harmful chemical pesticides or poisons – they are illegal and inhumane,  and put other types of bird, domestic animals and people at serious risk of poisoning.

Areas we cover to control bird pests:

The MICROBEE bird control team covers churches, cathedrals and other historic buildings and monuments throughout London and the South West of England. We can go further afield on request.

If you have pigeons, parakeets, crows or other birds that are causing your building a problem please contact the MICROBEE bird team on 0208 8540 9968 during office hours, or alternatively use the contact form