Microbee Environmental Services

Microbee provides a full range of environmental services including Ecology, Bird Proofing, Pest Control and Tree Management.

Microbee Services

Tree Management

Our Tree Team cover all aspects of tree management including:


✓ Crown Lift

✓ Crown reduction

✓ Tree Removal

✓ Dead Wooding

✓ Storm Response

Bird Proofing

Our team offer a range of bird control and bird proofing solutions including:


✓ Fouling Cleaning

✓ Exclusion Netting

✓ Anti Perch Spikes

✓ Agrilaser Systeme

✓ Additional Services

Pest control

Our Pest Control team have a wealth of experience including:


✓ Ecologist Site Visit

✓ Rodent Control

✓ Crawling Pests

✓ Flying Pests

✓ Reporting