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Microbee specialises in a wide range of Ecological Surveys and Ecology services. Our in-house Ecologists and Biologists are highly qualified and passionate about providing safe habitats, creating environmental balance as well as safeguarding or relocating protected species.

Ecology and Land Development

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Ecology Surveys are becoming more common and often required by Local Authorities to support the planing process, and measure the impact of land development on the environment. Our team also work closely with Architects, Property Developers, Landscape Architects, Construction Companies and Land Owners.

Ecology Surveys

If you suspect you have a protected species on site our Ecologists will undertake an in-depth assessment for you to confirm populations and recommendations.

Our team offer a wide range of surveys including:

Wildlife Surveys

European Protected Species – Bats, great crested newts, otters, dormice, reptiles. Others – badgers, hedgehogs, water voles, barn owls, birds are all protected by law. These types of survey are a legal requirement if any protected animal is present on a development site, and are included as part of a planning application.


From small residential properties to large-scale developments, we can help both private and commercial clients with the right survey to support your planning application.


Surveys for certain species (such as bats, great crested newt) can only be carried out at certain times of the year.


All our survey work is based on industry standards and statutory requirements. For more information on our range of surveys CLICK HERE or if you would like to discuss your requirements or would like to arrange a site visit with one of our ecologists contact our team.

Habitat Survey

The Ecology team offer a range of habitat surveys including:


  • Ecological walkover
  • Phase 1 Habitat Survey/Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)
  • BREAMM assessment
  • Licensing/mitigation procedures, (these services are required when development plans will interfere with EPS wildlife mentioned above. Licenses are required for LPA).

All our Habitat Survey work is based on industry standards and statutory requirements. For more information on our range of surveys CLICK HERE or if you would like to discuss your requirements or would like to arrange a site visit with one of our ecologists contact our team.

Habitat Creation/Maintenance

When a site has not been maintained and needs to be brought back to a manageable state, usually via green waste removal etc. speak to our team. We can provide a range of habitat services including reptile/newt fencing, native tree planting, pond creation (including reed bed design), wildflower meadow creation, habitat creation for specific species ie long grass margins for reptiles.


Moss art/living walls/green roofs

Our ecology team can create new spaces or maintain existing ‘green’ areas. Becoming increasingly popular with designers of modern urban spaces our team can advise on new installations or assist managing agents on existing installs.


Nest Box Installation

We can install nest boxes for birds and mammals, (bats and hedgehogs). Each year we will return to carry out an annual clean, inspection and reporting back on the uptake. Our team will create bespoke programs to increase biodiversity on site. Managing agents are increasingly looking for ways to enhance developments and get ‘green’ points for their sites.

Nest boxes are cost effective and bring value to residents of a development. Not only do nest boxes encourage the right wildlife to an area they also provide protection from urban foxes.


Water Feature Management

Whether a natural feature or man-made our Ecology team will monitor water samples and analyse chemical balance in pools and natural ponds. This is especially important to the health of fish. Our ecologists also provide mosquito treatment and monitoring.

Our team can create pond or lakes and offer full wildlife management, we also offer algae removal services.


For full details of our services CLICK HERE or contact our Ecology team

Our Ecology Credentials

Our friendly Ecology team are highly qualified and well trained to a very high level. We hold a wealth of industry-specific certifications so you can be sure you are in good hands.


  • Microbee has BSc, MSc, MRes and PhD qualified specialists who are experts in a wide variety of environmental management services.
  • All our Biologists, Zoologists and Ecologists have a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science or Doctorate degrees.
  • Specialist staff have role specific training and qualifications such as phase 1 and 2 habitat surveyor.
  • Many of our Technicians are security cleared to work on Government premises.
  • All our staff work in a discreet way when on our clients’ premises.


See our full company accreditations, certifications and associations

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