Ecological Improvements for Urban Areas

There is a growing need in cities for companies to be seen promoting the environment and boosting their green credentials. There are many affordable yet effective services that we can provide to help with this.

Ecological Improvements: Nest Boxes

Bird nest boxes are one of the more basic ecological improvements to any space. These can be installed on buildings to help promote biodiversity and help breeding birds in urban areas. They must be placed at the correct height and orientation to increase the chances of occupation.

In cities where there are known nesting birds of prey (often peregrine falcons) a specific nest box can be place on roof to increase the chances of the pairs successfully raising chicks. This would not be possible on all city buildings, a survey would be required beforehand.

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Ecological Improvements: Living Walls

Ecological Improvements - Ecology - MICROBEE Environmental 03

Living walls are becoming increasingly popular within commercials buildings in cities. With the correct maintenance they can look spectacular and can help promote positivity within the workplace. We can provide advice and maintenance on the set up of living walls, as well as maintaining established walls.

Ecological Improvements: Green Roofs

Another fantastic way to promote biodiversity in an urban area. As green roofs are external, they generally don’t require much maintenance or upkeep. We can provide advice and services to install green roofs, including what plants to use, as well as providing nest boxes for insects such as solitary bees.

NOTE: While green roofs have their benefits, they can attract pest birds such as seagulls to nest on them. We can provide both ecological advice and pest control advice to ensure the roofs do not attract any unwanted visitors.

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Ecological Improvements: Moss Art

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Vandalism can be an unfortunate part of living/working in a city environment.

Why not cover up any unsightly graffiti with ‘moss art’. Moss fragments are combined into a paste and painted onto the target wall with a stencil or by hand in the selected pattern. After a small amount of maintenance initially, the moss can grow into the pattern and be enjoyed by everyone.