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Cockroach Pest Control


German (Blatella germanica), Oriental (Blatta orientalis) and American (Periplaneta americana) are the most commonly found species in the UK and can carry disease-causing organisms such as Salmonella and E.Coli.

How infestations occur

Cockroaches search for warm, humid areas, and for a source of food. They enter into property amongst infested items, or they spread from neighbouring properties. Once they have found a suitable place to live cockroaches release a hormone that attracts other cockroaches. The hormone can persist following treatment; re-infestation is a common problem, especially where recommended housekeeping practices are not followed.

Cockroach Pest Control procedure

See our treatment page for details of our pest control procedure

MICROBEE Environmental Cockroach Pest Control

Residual Insecticides

Infested areas are sprayed with an insecticide solution that dries onto the surface. The insecticides we use are not hazardous to people or pets once they have dried. Our pesticides remain active for two weeks after application. Mopping or vacuuming treated surfaces should be avoided during this time, as it will reduce the effectiveness of the cockroach treatment.

Insecticide Dust And Gels

In some areas, (where the sprays are not appropriate), insecticide gels are applied. Gel baits cover smaller areas and are therefore less effective than the residual spray.

Housekeeping And Storage

We will advise on making your premises unattractive to Cockroaches, how to remove their source of food and their places to hide. Good general advice is not to leave food debris (crumbs, scraps, etc.) and cooking grease on floors or other surfaces, and to ensure that food waste is kept in a bin with a sturdy lid.

If you have any questions or suspect you have a cockroach infestation and would like a no-obligation quote call our Cockroach Pest Control team on 020 8540 9968 or contact us via the website.

Safety Information

MICROBEE Environmental Cockroach Pest Control uses a range of products for cockroach control, follow the links below for further information.

Cimetrol Super
Goliath Gel

If you have problems with cockroaches…